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When you have a large portfolio of projects under you, how do you know when a project is healthy or at risk? What indicators do you look for? What information do you request from project managers / task leaders, and how do you track it? Follow up question (just as important) -- Give a specific example of what you have done when you have identified a project risk. What was the risk? How did you identify it? What did you do about it?

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I won't get into my detailed response here. I covered basics of project health / risk, such as quality, timeliness, budget, scope, staffing, client satisfaction, etc. I talked about anticipating, identifying, and mitigating risks and how to get out in front of risks. I talked about program / project dashboards, simplified reporting tools, taking early action, meetings with clients and PMs/leads, and developing trusting relationships with PMs/leads so that they view me as a partner and resource to help them rather than as a person who is monitoring and judging them.

You have a lot of experience would a Senior Director opportunity be below what you're looking for.

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Who shot first, Han or Greedo? I'm not joking I was asked that.

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ASked about my skills and talents.

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Whats the purpose of the StringBuffer or Builder class?

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The CIO likes to throw a curve ball and ask something along the lines of "How many gas stations are there along your commute from home?"

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Tell me about a time that you had to make a split second decision.

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Explain the FSMO roles in Active Directory.

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Most Difficult Question: Why do you want to leave your current employer? (I DON'T - especially not now)

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