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New Relic
Stock Plan Administrator was asked...December 18, 2018

How will your experience add value to New Relic?

1 Answers

I've worked in a Stock Plan Administration role for 13+ years; 5 years I worked as an Administrator for a prominent equity vendor. The remaining 8 years I worked as the Administrator for a public company. Throughout the 13+ years I've been exposed to plans with special equity factors and plans with straight-forward equity vehicles. The expose to the diverse plans and equity has give me the experience to become a subject matter expert which adds value to New Relic. Less


Tell us about your excel experience

1 Answers

I admitted that I was a bit rusty since my previous job didn't require much excel work but let them know that I had previous experience and am a quick learn, this wasn't an issue for them since I got an offer! Less


How would you handle a situation where an executive contacted you about problems with his/her stock account.

1 Answers

I would go through the executive's acount thoroughly and, once I've answered his questions, would volunteer to send him reports and plan documents. I also gave them a specific real-life example where I dealt with something like this. Less


Where do you see yourself in 10 years with this company?

1 Answers

In some type of a managerial role, I would like to be with a company that believes in promoting their employees and recognizing when an employee is performing well and rewards them for doing so. Less

Stock & Option Solutions

What interests you about our company?

1 Answers

Do your research about the industry and SOS


Warum ein jobwechsel

1 Answers

Neue Herausforderung

Procore Technologies

I was asked what my first 3 days at Procore would look like? I was asked what I would want out of my manager? I was asked what motivates me? I was asked how do I deal with conflict or taking lead in certain areas?

1 Answers

I answered the questions honestly. The interviews became more conversational than formal which allowed for some ease of nerves and more of my personality to show and be conveyed through the examples I gave. More of a behavioral assessment. Less

Stock & Option Solutions

Computer program experience

Stock & Option Solutions

Do you prefer team or individual work environment?


What experience do you have with stock administration?

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