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Stock Broker Trainee Interview Questions


Stock broker trainee interview questions shared by candidates

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Can you dial a phone

3 Answers


This is a great place to work. No drug testing of any kind and Complience does not exist. You can litteraly be home all ad hitting the bong and no one cares. shave a little off the top of your clients accounts.NO Problem!!

lol, is this a joke because these guys are known scammers?

what do you like about sales

1 Answer

"We dont give a crap about your resume, tell us about yourself"

1 Answer

American Express, Apple, FedEx. Stand up and pitch me which I should buy and why. Why not the other two?

"Do you actually want to be a stock broker or are you just looking for a job after college?"

1 Answer

"What important trends do you see in the industry" "Why shouldn't I hire you" “Why do you think only a small percentage of the population makes over $150K?”

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