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Northrop Grumman
Senior Storage Engineer was asked...December 29, 2019

* How to setup CIFS shares * Process for performing software upgrades * Provisioning storage to servers.

1 Answers

Directly-provided step bu step process.

Premiere Digital Services

What storage arrays are you most comfortable with?

1 Answers

EMC, NetApp, Hitachi, Nimble, BlueArc


Why do some data centers use DC power v. AC?

1 Answers

Surge free

Datacom Systems

The questions are informal. - Introduction of yourself - My experience - What is one of the most proud or challenge achievement

1 Answers

I mentioned I have taken on a high impact SAN code upgrade project on the EMC VMAX for one of the biggest Telco, I worked almost every weekends for that year. Less

UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group)

How would you create a redundant storage zone?

1 Answers

Need two fabrics. Create a zone on each fabric.

University College London

Competency based questions

1 Answers

Hi, May you mention what those competency based questions were?


Classic interview questions. Q1) How do you handle stress? Q2) How do you work on a team? Q3) What do you do if you see someone doing something unethical? Blaa Blaa

1 Answers

Canned interview answers - A1) I go to my Manager to help me prioritize my work load. A2) I am a strong communicator and tend to lead by example. A3) Report it to my Manager ASAP. Blaaa Blaaa Less

Dell Technologies

If an application team wants servers and storage just to test, what do you tell them?

1 Answers

Give them a test environment that is only good for 2 months.

Robert Half

Are you looking for work?

1 Answers


Hewlett Packard Enterprise | HPE

what types of backups have you worked on?

1 Answers

4 types

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