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What's your University GPA?

2 Answers

That was 16 years ago. I think it was 3.9

This is tough one. There's so many ways to go wrong but only one way to answer this correctly. That answer is to ask, "Well, why do you care?" Why do you care indeed when there are issues of global climate change, malaria, poverty, starvation in the world? Let's not spend the next 5 seconds talking about my GPA when you can use those 5 seconds to start an email that says "Dear W.H.O," and eventually ends in "This is how I plan to end malaria".

Your resume states that you wish to move into management. Would you be satisfied with this position?

1 Answer

What is your background with IBM storage?

1 Answer

Paraphrase: Since your perspective employees will have more knowledge in the given area than you will, how will you gain credibility with them?

1 Answer

There were some technical job related questions asked.

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What qualities does the employee seek in thier managers?

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I signed an NDA, which I will respect. However, be prepared for really unexpected scenario type questions. ;-)

Describe how you would allocate storage list the steps for a SAN storage allocation and list the steps for a NAS storage allocation.

1 Answer

Why do some data centers use DC power v. AC?

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