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Tell me about a time that you were asked to follow a policy or procedure that you didn't agree with and what you did about it.

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They are very serious about policy and procedure and want to know that you'll work with integrity, execute policy, and then maybe follow up with the appropriate avenues to suggest change or improvement.

Questionable ethics violations?

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They kept concentrating on the fact that I had not specifically managed the skillset of the employees I would be taking on and wanted to know how I could possibly be effective.

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The questions were a bit strange and some were general and to be expected. They asked me about my leadership skills and my history with running teams in the past. They also asked me who I would plan a dinner party for? And who I'd invite in the community? I didn't really understand why this was a relevant question....

To give her references from a job I had 10 years ago.

questions from a print out based on their assessments

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Previous experience, people management skills

What would be your long-term goal with our company?

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If you have ever interviewed for a management position, you will be familiar with the question style. Everything they asked related to my experience and performance as a leader.

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