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Do you have a 4 year college degree?

3 Answers

I may not have a 4 year degree but recruiter has no retail background what so evr.

Sounds like you're a bit sour.... You weren't good for the job. Get over it.

I think having a group leader with no experience is just wrong ...don't need a 4 year degree to supervise I rather listen to someone with experience than some 4 degree college grad with no experience it's like being kicked in the head when I can't grow with a company u have been with for years

It was unexpected when they ask you how much your bills are and what your spending habits are.

1 Answer

How do you make things happen THROUGH your people. Humble is what they are looking for.

1 Answer

Tell me about a time you had a difficult project to work on and how you worked through it.

1 Answer

None. I would have loved to turn the tables and ask the panel the exact questions they asked me. It would've been amusing to hear their responses. I say amusing because I got the impression that if they were interviewing each other, they most likely wouldn't give themselves the job. Tough crowd.

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What do you know about Ollie's ?

1 Answer

I was asked several very personal questions during my in-person interview. I tried to answer without sounding offended, but they were questions clearly posed for no other reason than to determine how my personal life would affect my work. They were questions that could very easily have been used in a discrimination lawsuit against them. They even, albeit in a roundabout way, asked about my sexual orientation.

1 Answer

Tell me about a time when you challenged your boss?

1 Answer

They ask you to rank each store and leader based on your visits to the entire room of leaders.

1 Answer

Why did i choose apple

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