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What's your favorite apple product?

12 Answers

2 rounds of interview

Can you give some good advice when you are in the group presentation?

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How would you work with the Store Leader to achieve goals and objectives?

4 Answers

Do you have a 4 year college degree?

3 Answers

Our starting salary is $8/ hr and will eventually increase in 6 months with good performance. You are allowed one 15-min break and an unpaid 30min lunch break in a shift of more than 7hours. Will this be fine?

1 Answer

Describe a situation when you dealt with a difficult customer and how did you handle them?

1 Answer

What is your favorite Burger King sandwich?

1 Answer

Can you work a flexible schedule?

1 Answer

Greatest strength

1 Answer

Was informal, walked and talked about fixing what was broken.

1 Answer

They ask you to rank each store and leader based on your visits to the entire room of leaders.

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