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Shubhalakshmi Polyesters
Manager Stores was asked...August 23, 2016

Can u join immediately

4 Answers

No. Need atleast one month



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Intel Corporation

What is your strength and weakness side.

2 Answers

my strength was god and my weakness was being failed of his command.

In my field of specialist, I have leadership skills w/ a strong PR and know how to use my intuition in case of emergency, aggressive, competitive (has the ability to know the weaknesses and strength of my competitor and then finally, know how to strike them. I have my own tactics on how to combat them), very honest in the sense of financial (you can trust me on this matter). My weaknesses are: I’m not so fluent in English and has limited vocabulary words, but I can express myself in simple English. Im not good in debating using English language, but im good debator using my own dialect. Less

Innovative Tech Pack

do you know how to work in Ms-Excel

2 Answers

Are you looking for a person for managerial post or executive

Yes !

ExecuJet Aviation Group

They only asked simple and straight forward questions. All the questions will be just to check if you know the basics.

1 Answers

hi, can i know the example for the question? the basic mean?

University of British Columbia
Stores was asked...September 10, 2015


1 Answers

worked many years at UBC

Barnes & Noble

What were some prior experiences you’ve had with customer service?

1 Answers

I mentioned working with WWOOF abroad as well as some volunteering experience I have. Less

Air Wisconsin Airlines

The salary is set by the bargaining unit agreement at $10.00 per hour, slightly more with shift differential. Are you willing to work for that amount.

1 Answers

The pay rate seems disproportionately out of line with the level of responsibility and given the fact that the company is unionized and dues and modest company apparel must be deducted from that salary. I would have to weigh the pay vs benefits against how it would fit my family's needs. Less

Premier Aviation
Stores was asked...February 24, 2017

Examples of problem solving regarding employee disagreements.

1 Answers

I like to keep calm in a work environment and try to prevent tempers and emotions from escalating. Less


All 3 interviews were similar questions; tell me about a time...

1 Answers

Focus on leadership and customer service

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