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Describe a difficult circumstance you faced and tell me how you handled it.

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Even though you know you're going to get asked this question, it's still such an awkward ordeal. I talked about how I failed to do my research on a subject matter several years ago and how much that lesson taught me.

First round phone interview is more like a IQ questions, I was asked more than 60 questions during 45 minutes interview. There is no right or wrong answer. Just like "Are you a suspicious person?", "Do you want to do as a sales person?", "Are you a quick thinker?" etc.

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The only questions I had difficulty answering were scenarios that I just did not have experience in.

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There were no difficult questions.

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In the middle of answering one of her more relevant questions she asked what newspapers I read and why? Another question she interrupted me to ask if how my old job would feel about me leaving.

What experience do you have working with C-level executives?

What is the role of the government as a market? How would you say it impacts small business?

Explain a situation where you created and implemented a strategic communication plan.

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