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If we undertake a campaign to contact our 30 day overdue group of customers, what is our overall probability of success given the following probabilities: 50% chance of having their e-mail on file 20% chance of a customer paying their bill without us contacting them 30% chance of a customer reading the e-mail we send them 30% chance of a customer making a payment if they read the e-mail etc.

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Use a decision tree.

this is likely an applied probability question: My answer is to apply total probability formula here.

It's ~25%. .5 x .3 x .3 = .045 or 4.5% success rate from emailing. Add to that the unprompted payment rate (.2 or 20%) and get 24.5%

Why am I interested in insurance?

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Tell me about a time you...

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Case study choosing between two potential PPAs.

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Why do you personally want to work at Uber? Why this role specifically?

Describe a time where you had to troubleshoot equipment.

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How past research opportunities would prepare me for this role.

What would your prior manager say is one of your greatest strengths and weaknesses?

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Explain a difficult experience you had at work and how you dealt with it.

Tell me about a time you dealt with conflict in the workplace. Give specifics.

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