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If you wanted to bring your dog to work but one of your team members is allergic to dogs what would you do?

11 Answers

Simple, i will bring a doll of dog...

I would leave my dog at home

$http->p A dog, My dog, Your dog. would traverse. 'Roll. Things: and such else, wise.. Staying at home is necessary. But he is transitioning though, I'm building a robot to be his best friend. Staying alone is frightening. During such times.' The Cyberscape is now. But WHEN IS BORN, it will be thus more.

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Consider a random walk on a graph in the shape of the capital letter Y, with nodes at A and B at the top, C at the bottom, and O in the center. With probability 1/3, there is a transition from O to A, B, or C that takes 1 time unit to complete. Find the expected time to get to C, starting at A.

7 Answers

Suppose you toss a fair coin 400 times. What is the probability that you get at least 220 heads? Round your answer to the nearest percent.

7 Answers

Went through your resume how you have the approximate of square root of 37 ? find the location of the number in an array. desrcibe the codes.

6 Answers

Describe a campaign for us you would use to get more people to our job portal site.

4 Answers

If you flip 400 coins, what's the probability of getting more than 220 heads

4 Answers

Suppose you have three call options on the market, with strikes 10, 20, and 30. Suppose the call option with strike 10 costs $12, the call option with strike 20 costs $7, and the call option with strike 30 costs $1. Does there exist an arbitrage opportunity?

4 Answers

10 people of different ages sitting around a table. What's the probability of sitting in an age-ascending order?

3 Answers

Signed NDA.

3 Answers

Insert a new data point at the head of a singly linked circular list in constant time. Given a pointer to the current head of the circular list.

3 Answers
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