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Suppose that you have a fair coin. You start with $0. You win 1$ each time you get a head and loose $1 each time you get tails. Calculate the probability of getting $2 without getting below $0 at any time.

6 Answers

Draw a tree to have an idea of how to compute the probability. The flips are all independent with each other.


1/3 Because if he requires 2 heads = $2, then it means he require HH out of {HH,HT ,TH,TT} We cannot consider TT because it would turn to zero. Therefore, he has 1 chance out of 3. Hence 1/3.

A glass bottle full of liquid weighs 100 ounces. If you remove half the liquid, the bottle now weighs 60 ounces. How much does the bottle weigh with nothing in it?

5 Answers

Why PepsiCo? How would you segment store types etc

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PHONE INTERVIEW: A golf ball and a golf club are $1.10 together. The golf club costs a dollar more than the golf ball. How much is the golf ball?

4 Answers

How do you do this, how do you do that, how, how and how, and never a why question.

3 Answers

I was presented with two cases in both rounds of interview to solve

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What interests you about TikTok?

3 Answers

Basic market sizing questions, test presentation styles, etc.

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I can't remember the exact details, but it was a hard problem solving question. So be prepared to answer something along that line of questioning.

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What attracted you to New Breed

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