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Your client is a pizza franchise, they just announced a new CEO, how do you recommend to increase profits and out do your competitor?

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I asked who the competitors were, what our pricepoint is per pizza, who are the suppliers, how is the location, what is the markup on the pizza's, do we offer additional menu items? Is alcohol served?

Give me a time when you were unable to meet a deadline.

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How does business intuition and data gathering survive together in a business setting?

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Past experience for the position I applied for.

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Asked a lot about prior experience and played devils advocate.

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How would you calculate the break even point? What market factors would cause an increase in sales for a product? What levels of management have you worked with before? Please describe the most difficult analysis that you have ever provided? Why do you want to work here? Why did you leave you prior employers?

Case Study - Given the following information, what will be the payback period? (Not all info is given and you have to recognize that and ask for more information)

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