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1) Why should one listen to you when you are leading the team 2) What is the difference between leadership and management

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Tell us about a situation of conflict where you had to intervene. How did it result after your intervention?

How would I solve for addressing client x's strategic issues and digital needs, understanding of client x's product suite and marketing it in a hypothetical scenario

Nothing really unexpected... be sure to have good specific stories to back up your answers to behavioral stuff, and otherwise be able to deal with data and look at big picture strategic problems, and come up with appropriate solutions/recommendations.

One case study was about budgeting and forecasting. The other was on cost optimization.

Experience, how it applies to job posting, personality traits.

Why do you want to work for Shift?

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What is the biggest problem facing company X today? How should they address this? How would their business model change as a result of the proposed solution?

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