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nothing really hard, just know your resume and be able to support whats on it talk about your past projects and how did you do them. Talk about leadership, and what is your role on the project.

Case Question: Should Microsoft buy Accenture?

Two 45min interviews, both case study interviews, and a few behavioral questions after.

What do you do when something changes accidentally during the project.

I was asked what books I was reading... I wasn't reading anything professional at the time, so I was embarrassed to say Stephen King. Now I always keep a business book on my night stand. They asked me about all the acronyms used in the job posting--- I had researched the ones that I hadn't heard of-- and that was HUGE. The fact that I could even recite the acronyms was a plus over the other candidates.

Be aware of the tendency to spring a mini-case study in the middle of a behavioral interview, e.g., so if I wanted to increase cross-selling of product y to constituency X, what would I need to do?

To describe how I would fit into the core culture/values of the company and also function as an extension of the company.

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What is a brand that is suffering and how would you recommend fixing it?

What is the biggest problem facing company X today? How should they address this? How would their business model change as a result of the proposed solution?