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Case Question: Should Microsoft buy Accenture?

Two 45min interviews, both case study interviews, and a few behavioral questions after.

What do you do when something changes accidentally during the project.

I was asked what books I was reading... I wasn't reading anything professional at the time, so I was embarrassed to say Stephen King. Now I always keep a business book on my night stand. They asked me about all the acronyms used in the job posting--- I had researched the ones that I hadn't heard of-- and that was HUGE. The fact that I could even recite the acronyms was a plus over the other candidates.

Be aware of the tendency to spring a mini-case study in the middle of a behavioral interview, e.g., so if I wanted to increase cross-selling of product y to constituency X, what would I need to do?

What is a brand that is suffering and how would you recommend fixing it?

What is the biggest problem facing company X today? How should they address this? How would their business model change as a result of the proposed solution?

Is a case interview, based on real cases.

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Case Study - Given the following information, what will be the payback period? (Not all info is given and you have to recognize that and ask for more information)