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Upper Iowa University
Strength and Conditioning Coach was asked...June 24, 2020

How do you deal with derogatory language/comments within the facility?

1 Answers

Let it be known that those comments and any like are not tolerate and there will be consequences. Also have it in the written policy that any language of the matter is not tolerated Less

D1 Training

What is your training experience?

1 Answers

Spoke on mentorship of youth and years of work in the field. Also gave a list of my certifications. Less

D1 Training

What about athletic based sports training do you enjoy?

1 Answers

I love everything about it. From the preparation for the athlete(s) to the the actual strength portion, to the cool down stretch, it’s all for one goal and that’s to improve their performance so that they can’t be the best athlete for their team. Less

Episcopal School of Dallas

Am I willing to work early hours?

1 Answers


D1 Training

Asked me about previous experience coaching and my internship with the company.


Why do you want to coach?

Leicester City

What is your philosophy for lower body strength training for U12-U23’s?

Kalamazoo Valley Community College

Give us examples of how you used strengths in your daily life and work.

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