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Sometimes it is hard to think of the perfect situation to fit the behavioral questions.

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If you think of something that fits better as you start to answer the question, just politely ask to start over and answer differently. If you really don't think you have been in a situation like that before, just be honest and they may just ask you what you think you would do if put in that situation in the future.

What do you think our company does?

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How long does it take for you to commute?

I was asked about what the most difficult group situation was for me and how I handled it. Its a fairly typical question as firms look for a good fit. My issue was presenting a story to wow the interviewer. Its not the answer that's difficult its how you can sell yourself to your interviewer. they are a hard sell.

None were too difficult as I recall. Really I think the answer to any question is the best answer you can think of at that time.

What plans do you have in your future?

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Draw a shear and moment diagram of the following. (They give you a beam with forces on it) Nothing hard. should take a minute

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