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How would you reinforce a aircraft floor beam.

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Flange / cap take bending and web take shear loading.

Given a group of truss members, identify the redundant member.

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"Has there ever been a time when something (does not have to be an analysis) completely stopped you in your tracks after a long process that you had complete confidence in? How did you handle the situation?"

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There were 9 questions with the first 5 being behavioral and the last 4 being technical. The behavioral questions were average questions like "Name a time where you had to make a quick decision on your own and how did you handle it." If you went to a decent engineering school the technical questions were also pretty easy such as create a shear/moment diagram, talk about UTS, etc.

Tell me of a time when you had to switch directions on a project? How did it turn out?

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How have your previous experiences helped shape you as an engineer?

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