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What would you tell a student who lost his/her home is considering dropping out of college as a result?

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I know that is so incredibly difficult. And I can't imagine what you're going through. But do you remember why you wanted to start college and what you're working for? These are the moments that will challenge you, but if you work through them and keep working hard toward your goals then you'll be in a much better situation than this one. You'll look back on your graduation date and be so proud of yourself for pushing through.

Being given feedback after the role play to see how I would react.

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How would I respond to a student who was contemplating leaving a program more than half way completed?

How would you deal with a teammate who wasn't performing?

Explain previous situations in which you advised a student on life events preventing them from attending class, and how you were able to encourage retention

None. The questions seemed fair and reasonable.

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