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No question was too hard for the MarComm interview, I just tried to cover as much ground as I could by explaining reasons behind my design process, and tried to link those circumstances with situations that Apple could face, without mentioning Apple. ( I didn't want to sound like an extreme fanboy ) The Interface Design interview: The most difficult questions were based on how I designed certain interfaces, for instance, I completed a project where I redesigned the interface of an ATM machine, and I showed my project on an Ipad, and the team asked how the interface and design would change if it were used on a bigger screen or a different platform.

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I mean, I couldn't build an ATM with a screen, so that's why I showed it on an iPad. I suggest being prepared for rebuttals for questions about how your choice could be effective.

What behavioral model do you most espouse to? How do you feel about working with patients who may have communicable diseases?

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What are your weaknesses?

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What is your definition for confidentiality?

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Are you familiar with the development lifecycle of our products here at Lockheed Martin?

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Explained how you draw the transistors in your project. What is LEdit?

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No difficult questions, just basic resume questions

Basic personality and work experience questions. Just like conversing with someone you know.

One question that I did not expect to be asked was to describe a challenge I experience and how I overcame it.

Something related to my prior programming experience in a prestigious Competition....

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