Student Interview Questions

Student Interview Questions

Student Interview Questions

Landing a job as a student may seem challenging. When just starting out in the workforce, tap your wealth of experience and skills from academic achievements, volunteer work, and extracurricular activities to identify your skill set and desirable qualities for employers.

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Top Student Interview Questions & How to Answer

Here are three top student applicant interview questions and how to answer them:

Question #1: Can you tell us more about yourself?

How to answer: Interviewers ask this question to evaluate the employability of applicants. To respond dive deeper than your resume content and share your story through past and present experiences. Detail qualities acquired from both paid and unpaid experiences to tell your story with authenticity.

Question #2: Why are you interested in working for us?

How to answer: First, highlight your skill set and abilities. Align and share your personal future goals, such as how the major you are pursuing relates to the job you are seeking. Share your future goals in alignment with the companies goals to be personable during the interview. Speak with confidence and use nonverbal communication to express your interest in the job.

Question #3: What are your strengths and weaknesses?

How to answer: Skills in self-reflection and adaptability are critical for skills for most jobs. Problem-solving skills are commonly sought by employers, and you can use this interview question to highlight your abilities when describing both strengths and weaknesses. Start by describing your top two strengths. Then share your weaknesses in a positive light by explaining how your self-improvement skills helped you overcome these problems.

Top Interview Questions

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Boston Public Schools
Dean of Students was asked...March 26, 2015

How would you deal with an unresponsive parent?

1 Answers

Be cordial and patient. It's best to let parents say what they feel but you must also let them know that their child has caused some sort of disruption. Less

United Brotherhood of Carpenters

Tell about your projects

1 Answers

Im not a graduate student, but i was apprenticed by Eroh Building Contractors.... In 1997, i was pushed into the subcontracting game.... Which i did very well with .... Probably would still be in business if i didnt get sick... Because of my illness , i had to dissolve my LLC... I just didnt do roofing & siding... I built houses to, all finish work on the inside & out... I have alot of experience trimming the outsides of houses , with the azeck trim board.... Love doing kitchens, & bathtooms... Im not a licensed plumber , but have no problem sweating copper, or crimping pex.... Would really love to get in with Carpenters local... I will not dissappoint if given an oppurtunity... Less

Norwich University

What is your experience with handling confidential and sensitive information?

1 Answers

I had experience on the Honor Committee and in the Archives handling students academic records as well as personnel files. Less

KIPP Schools

There were MANY role play scenarios. They asked how I would prioritize my day if I had to observe a few teachers, teach a character education lesson, deal with a bus fight, deal with an angry parent in the lobby, cover a teacher's class that had called out and take care of normal administrative activities.

1 Answers

I explained that I would prioritize student safety first and then student instruction and culture. I then went down the list and explained what would be dealt with first and why. Less

Premier Education

What would you change within the campus? And, how would you go about the changes?

1 Answers

I suggested that I would start by changing the culture of the campus this would be key in the retention issues the campus was experiencing. There are many issue within the campus that needed attention i.e. proper test administering to students. Upper management never upheld policies. Less

Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg
Student-at-Law was asked...September 24, 2015

One question that trumped me was: if you were a prime minister for a day, what one law would you change and why?

6 Answers

The Constitution. Whatever you write in there, all other laws and regulations will have to be adjusted and you do not have to worry about it. It is hard for the Prime Minister to change it, but if you can - it is the best choice. Less

A law that forbid hiring employee in related bonds. Reasons^ 1. More healthy competetion 2. More chances to get a nice job by people who haven't nice relations Less

For election day - only tax payers could vote. As citizens who pay taxes generally responsible for their decisions. Less

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DTE Energy

Explain a time you missed a key piece of information during work or on a project and what you did to overcome it. Explain a time you went above and beyond with a group Explain a project you worked on where you had to do some deep research to get your answers.

5 Answers

Its been 4 days since verbal offer, she said she needs supervisors signature for the written offer. Should I worried? Less

It could be that you are starting some time in January and they are just processing offers for those starting sooner. I would just follow up with your recruiter next week. Less

Yeah, you are right, I do start in January. Thank you. Lol

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Government of Canada

What are three words others would choose to describe you?

4 Answers

Smart worker Team player Humanity

Change agent Detailed Punctual

Detailed Change Agent Punctual

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Missouri Western State University

What hours are you available to work? (they work around your schedule)

3 Answers

I do like to work mornings and afternoons


I provided them with my class schedule as well as some other conflicts of schedule, and a tentative schedule. Less

SF State University

What projects would you be interested in working on?

3 Answers

I said that I would be interested in doing controls. When Dr. Quintero started to list a few projects, I picked the projects that I was interested in. Less

I will be interested in creativity projects

I would be interested in fabrication and creativity projects, I like inventing into new ideas Less

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