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Since I am typically overqualified for the positions I am seeking, I am often asked why I would want to do that type of work.

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I describe my passion for the type of work sought; share my love of lifelong learning; occasionally I explain how hard my family works to stay out of debt so we can do the things we want to do instead of being driven by salary alone.

What does a roll-up your sleeves attitude mean to you?

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"what role do you most often find yourself gravitating towards in a work envrionment?"

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why are you doing it?

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The hardest part was memorizing a written script to present at a following interview.

How will you spread the word about our brand?

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How will I deal with someone you supervise who is not producing quality work? How did you deal with adversity in the work environment successfully? Describe your work in your past/current position and how will it lend itself to this job?

Based off of social and educational networks, how will you benefit the brand?

What are 3 popular "scenes" at your campus?

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