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Why do you want to tutor?

1 Answer

To learn more on the subject, while assisting others to do well.

It was a situational interview where you had to describe what you would do with students who had differences such as students with disabilities.

2 Answers

They were all easy, but be prepared to answer why you should be tutoring for whatever subject you're trying to tutor in.

What is the value of x after the following code fragment is executed? int *x = 5; int *y = x; x = 2; **y = 3;

How will I deal with a student who does not seem to focus during the tutoring appointment?

1 Answer

Tell us about yourself and why you want this position.

What classes would you be comfortable tutoring, and what were your grades in those classes

1 Answer

Implement MIPs assembly language code to summate the numbers 1 through 10 using a loop.

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