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Explain a time when you saw a co-worker doing something they weren't supposed to be doing, and how did you handle it.

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Hard to know what they are wanting to hear.

Provide a situation where you had to learn a lot of complex information in a short amount of time.

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After an hour long interview they tested me on my transliteration skills.

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Probably questions regarding past failures or the goals that were not reached.

Tell me about a time when you had to go above and beyond to satisfy a clients needs.

The interview was a behavioral interview so all questions they asked were based around, "tell me about a time when... what did you do... what was the end result...". They also asked me to tell me about myself and my accomplishments, previous work experience and my career goals. They also wanted to know why I was interested in their company.

Explain a time where you had to make a quick decision, and explain your thought process.

Most difficult/unexpected question I would have to say was how a person would act during their person, non-work time when asked questions about what they do especially when concerning animal work.

Prioritizing responsibilities can be challenging. Tell me about a time you could have done a better job prioritizing.

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