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How would you shape your lesson to meet the common core standards?

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I would like to know the answer to this.


When is it okay to touch a child?

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How would you handle a situation with a child who will not obey?

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There were no one on one questions for this process but some of the quiz questions seemed like trick questions.

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Told them that I was handicapped with my foot.

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The most difficult aspect of answering these questions was not the questions themselves, but simply the short amount of time given to think about the answer. As in any panel interview, you feel a bit nervous with five people waiting for you to talk. It's hard to give an honest answer without just babbling on with "buzz words" and other jargon.

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"How would you deal with a student who is causing trouble?"

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Did I have any felony convictions. Was my paperwork in order. Frankly all they needed was the appropriate paperwork (California Credential, clean back ground check and negative TB test). There really was nothing the hiring manager did but check off boxes. Make an appointment before you go in (I should not have to tell you, but I know someone who did not).

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What would you do in a classroom?

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