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committee quizzed on my publications research interests. They were concerned bout my teaching philosophy. They asked me what courses I had taught at my previous faculty position.

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I had prepped for the interview which was to each Mexcian, Latin American and Chicano history, I fulfilled the expectations of the search committee and i offered student evaluations from last teaching job.,

At a party everyone shakes hands, 66 hand shakes occur, how many people are at the party?

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There are two stocks with the same expected value, with variance 0.3 and 0.2 and correlation 0.5. What proportion of each stock do you invest in to yield a minimum risk portfolio?

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If W is standard Brownian Motion, for what values of n is W^n still a martingale?

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Evaluate the integral from 0 to pi/6 of sec(x) dx.

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1) Probability you get HH when you toss a coin. Expected time to get HH. Expected time to get all 6 sides of a die (i.e. the sequence would be getting them all in 7 rolls). 2) 17 sided regular polygon, pick three vertices. What is the probability they are on the same half circle? 3) I add Sn=x1+x2+...xn where xi are uniform[0,1] and iid. T is the first index such that Sn > 1. E[T] = ? E[T^k] = ? 4) C++ Puzzles.

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If you were advising the CEO of xxx (one of fortune 50 company), what company will you advise the ceo to buy. why?

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What are the setbacks in your career life?

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What other companies did you apply for?

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Why the Bureau of Asset Management?

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