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Second round: What is a regulation that is currently affecting JPMC? If you were an operations manager at a bank, what would be something you would change? What are your short term and long term career goals?

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1. I talked about BEPS (base erosion profit sharing) and how there is currently not a regulation set up to combat it, but government leaders all over the world are meeting this June to discuss different policies, which will in turn affect JPMC and all of the large financial institutions. 2. I said improving communication and efficiency by talking to everyone and making sure that their voices and ideas are heard.

A mobile phone company with coverage over three states wants to upgrade it's Customer Relationship Management system. How should it go about this?

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Tell me about yourself.

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Which methodology would you use to create and integrate the system ?

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Solve a case question in which you are merging two firms. With new acquisition, are you losing or saving money? Can you identify ways to save the firm money?

Why McKinsey? Tell me about a time when you disagreed with someone on your team. What do you do for fun?

1st round went smooth. PEI was standard, and be careful with zeros and dimensional analysis set up. One director asked me for three different stories, so be prepared with 4-5 of them. Regarding the cases, be prepared for economies of scale type questions, and for higher ups to not give you full attention/serve as a distraction.

Tell me a time when you were in a disagreement with your manager and how did you approach this situation.

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Do you know the agile and waterfall approach?

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