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Given the cost for Verizon to purchase each iPhone, the price the customer pays, and the churn rate of customers, what is the average lifespan of an iphone customer on Verizon?

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The question was definitely intended to see how you think.

Show the result of the case study and make a presentation.

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Stock Pitch was central to the interviews, make sure you nail them and evoke your passion for equities and the markets

I had already done an internship in Equity research so a lot of the questions were focused on that and some of my past personal work experience. For the FICC interview I got asked a handful of questions regarding why I was interested in the division given my equity focused background. I had to pitch a long and short stock idea as well. Nothing too crazy, mostly behavioral questions based off my resume.

The interviews were both very casual- my final round interview didn't seem to have a list of questions prepared. It was up to me to direct the conversation in a way that showed off my interest and suitability for the position.

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Interview questions were general behavioral questions but with emphasis on your communication skills: ex. tell me about a time you had to push your opinion to someone who disagrees with you

To fill the company's requirements for this role, what industries would you begin to search in?

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