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Summer Coop Developer was asked...March 20, 2017

Had I ever built Linux from source.

2 Answers

I was honest and said I hadn't. Felt like a softball question in that lots of tech nerds have done it, though, so it felt like the hiring manager was looking for a reason to give me the thumbs up. Less

Can you be more specific about softball question? Thanks


Just one question. There are 3 classes: coupon, location, forgot what was the last one.. was asked to get best coupon from a given locationId

2 Answers

It was quite easy, after solved it, we discussed the cost, and I used a hashmap to improve the cost. Less

Hello. I had the same question but completely forgot to ask the interviewer whats an optimal solution. Now it is gnawing at me to know. Do you think I can ask you which features did your solution have (very general stuff like what data structure was used) Less

Canada Revenue Agency

Tell me about the development of one project that you've worked on.

1 Answers

Highlight your role, what you did, and your contributions.


There are many of them and I can only remember some of them. Q1: There are 100 numbers, from 1 to 100 each.(Like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5......) Now, one of them lost. How to find a algrithm to figure out the missing number with the lowest complexity. Q2: Same situation but now, two of them missed. Q3: There are two rectangules for which you know the vector position of their vertex. Design an algrithm to find the area overlapped between this two rectangules. Q4: If you have two eggs, and there is an building of 100 floors. You want to know from which floor above the eggs dropped from will break. Please design a method to have the minimise the times you have to test at least. Q5: What about x floors?

1 Answers

Q1: O(n) Q2: O(n)


core technical questions; 1) If two objects are referencing each other and no other objects are referencing them then when will garbage collection have access to them 2) Spring framework 3) Experience in XML parser in JAVA 4) Java Multi-threading, deal lock details.

1 Answers

Hey where did you get posting? I too got an intern

Oscar Health

One dynamic programming problem, one string decoding problem and one dfs integer problem.

1 Answers

DP problem can be found in Leetcode, relating to stock purchase. The other two questions cannot be found. Less


1. Why blackrock/division 2. Latest in news about BlackRock 3. Java classes 4. String manipulation

1 Answers

I had unlimited time to do the coding questions 3 and 4


Dynamic Programming & Implementation

1 Answers

Graph & Brute Force

Arista Networks

How do you find the next highest node in a binary search tree given any node? A binary search tree was provided in C and the solution was expected in C.

1 Answers

It took me longer than I had hoped for but I figured it out after 45 minutes.


generate fibonacci number

1 Answers

recursion, constant space

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