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You are playing a game where the player gets to draw the number 1-100 out of hat, replace and redraw as many times as they want, with their final number being how many dollars they win from the game. Each "redraw" costs an extra $1. How much would you charge someone to play this game?

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redraw 10 times and get the payoff around 77?

the average draw will pay out $50.50

Say I take a rubber band and randomly cut it into three pieces. What's the probability that one of the pieces has length greater than 1/2 of the original circumference of the rubber band.

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How much distance is their between the hour and minute hand at 5:12?

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One example question: if you dip a cube made of cubes with each edge having ten cubes into a paint vat, when you take it out how many cubes will have no paint on them?

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What is the sum of the square root of every number from 1 to 100?

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First round was almost all behavior. Asked about 3 experiences on my resume, 1 activity on my resume, what was happening in the markets, a stock I was following, if I preferred sales or trading, and why sales or trading. Short, 30 minute interview. Was not invited to the second round.

Analyze a company and give your opinion, based on financial information provided, whether ICAP should acquire it or not.

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