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Binary search tree traversal without recursion (parent pointer provided)?

1 Answer

use stack for iteratively going through nodes. //Stack S; While(1) { while(root) { //print root->data push (S,root); root = root->left; } if(isemptystack(S) return; root = Pop(S); //after left subtree, goto right subtree root = root->right; }

1) How does an ISR work (All the way from the beginning to the end) 2) Data structures and approaches such as when to use a hash table, tree, list, etc. on a conceptual level

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Coding problems: wrote code for quick sort, binary number manipulation Asked to describe C++ Virtual functions, differentiate between inline functions and macros. Design problem for L4 processing match using patricia trees. Describe how timer is implemented at OS level? How TCAM works? How does function pointer works How does ICMP work, at what layer of OSI model? Can you describe various fields on wireshark output?

Nothing unexpected, just a question about cloning a linked list with an arbitrary pointer and to find an element in a matrix with elements sorted along the columns and rows.

Lot of questions related to my previous jobs / experiences. Here are the questions from the coding phone screen: What is RAID? What is a difference between a Thread and a Process? What is Mutex? Implement a thread-safe BlockingQueue in Java.