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Describe your experiences with policy enforcement and their affect upon moral.

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This is a difficult question due only to the varying work cultures each business has. Some allow personnel to use company equipment, others do not. My point here was to highlight the educational requirements. By that I meant that it would be important to highlight, and to reinforce on a regular basis, what the company would allow and not allow. Once you had been able to present the policy to the employees on multiple occasions, you can then begin discussing the audit results. Highlight the problem areas without attribution for the first several sessions in an effort to "get the word out" that you are seeing what is happening. Then after a couple of months, if this is a new policy, you can begin to tighten up the program by startiing with office counselings and escalating as needed up to reprimand and/or possible termination. All through this process you need to stress the importance of following the policy and what could happen if you didn't.

Decribe in your own words how you would deal with the discovered misuse or inappropriate use of company assets.

Describe a situation where common sense served you better than your formal education.

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