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Why General Mills?

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Awesome Corporate Culture, and room for growth.

Who would you place more of your time and or loyalty towards if a conflict of scheduling or career advancement came about, Pepsi or the Marine Corps.

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"Tell me a time you had to be compassionate"

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Why I had switched 5 jobs within 2 years.

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Tell me about a time when you differed in opinion with a professor. Tell me about a time when two members in your group were in conflict and what you did. Tell me about a time when you had to change someone's mind about something and how you did it. Where do you see yourself in the future. *Note: only question that was overly generalized. No specific time frame provided. Tell me about a difficult situation and how you remained positive. Tell me about a time when you had to think analytically. *NO TECHNICAL QUESTIONS- unsure if this was due to the limited number of SCM/operations interviewers*

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Campus Assessment Center - Operation Case Study Tomorrow morning, you will be meeting one on one with a NAB manager to discuss this case study. To prepare for the discussion, you should review the case study and answer the questions that follow. Be prepared to answer follow-up questions during the discussion, It’s 3:30PM on Wednesday, and you are the night loading Product Available Supervisor at PAB’s Denver Production and Distribution Center. You have just arrived at work, and are ready to start a hand off discussion with the first shift supervisor. She quickly lets you know that she has heard that there has been an unforecasted sales promotional ad for Pepsi 12 packs at Albertson’s, and she thinks it may case a product availability issue for tonight’s load out. As you walk by the message board, you also see a note that two of your loaders have called in sick for tonight’s shift which will leave you terribly shorthanded, and you also find out that there is an issue with some of the equipment in the plant and you need every available resource in order to fix it in order to prepare for the load out. You then check your voice mail and find you have two messages. The first is from the Plant Manager who copied your boss on the message. He wants to meet with both of you to discuss improvements, including changes to the layout of the pick area. The second is from your manager asking to meet this afternoon about the recent down turn in bulk loading productivity. Specifically he would like to see the performance metrics for all individual loaders. 1. What would be your course of action to address these situations? 2. What are some key questions you need to ask and consider when resolving these situations?

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