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Supply chain Interview Questions

"As a supply chain analyst, it's your job to collect information on productivity and customer demand in order to improve your company's supply chain operations. You can expect to answer a lot of �what if� scenario questions that will assess how you tackle company areas in need of improvement. Prepare yourself by familiarizing yourself with company practices and examples of previous reports you've created. You will likely be asked to solve with an Excel spreadsheet problem, so make sure that your Excel skills are on par."

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How have you changed a process or procedure?

2 Answers

Alot of technical questions.

I used an example of changing my previous employer's manufacturing process to make it more efficient and flexible.

Which costs less: glass or stainless steel? Simple question but unexpected

1 Answer

If I were to give you a project where you have 100 piece product, how would you go about finding suppliers?

2 Answers

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Tell us about a time that you were challenged and how did you deal with the the conflict?

11 Answers

Why do you want this job?/ Why do you think you will be good in this role?

4 Answers

Sell me each individual part of this pen. The springs, the ink, all of it. Tell me why I should buy it those parts from you.

4 Answers

How many times do you need to pick 1 pair of socks from 50 white and 50 black?

3 Answers

How comfortable are you about a voluntary prayer after meetings?

2 Answers

Behavioral interviewing questions. Focused on Fit with the company culture and team.

2 Answers

What are your salary expectations?

2 Answers
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