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Describe a situation where you attended a long meeting and what was the outcome of the meeting and what was your contribution

1 Answer

attended a long meeting which went on for 4- 6 hours to decide on make on buy decisions

Do you beleive in Aliens!

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You are making Lotion XYZ and a company is producing a competitive product in 4 weeks. You also have low inventory due to a promotion. What do you do?

1 Answer

If I asked your previous supervisor about your greatest strengths and your greatest weaknesses, what would they say?

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What was your most and least favorite class throughout the college career?

Case study format dealing with supply chain topics.

Q: What experience do you have with this posiiton? Q: What do you know about Leidos?

There were none. Nothing at all was surprising. Typical behavioral questions

What relation do you have to the Adidas brand?

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