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How have you changed a process or procedure?

2 Answers

Alot of technical questions.

I used an example of changing my previous employer's manufacturing process to make it more efficient and flexible.

Which costs less: glass or stainless steel? Simple question but unexpected

1 Answer

If I were to give you a project where you have 100 piece product, how would you go about finding suppliers?

2 Answers

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Tell us about a time that you were challenged and how did you deal with the the conflict?

11 Answers

Why do you want this job?/ Why do you think you will be good in this role?

4 Answers

Sell me each individual part of this pen. The springs, the ink, all of it. Tell me why I should buy it those parts from you.

4 Answers

How many times do you need to pick 1 pair of socks from 50 white and 50 black?

3 Answers

How comfortable are you about a voluntary prayer after meetings?

2 Answers

Behavioral interviewing questions. Focused on Fit with the company culture and team.

2 Answers

Do you have children? I thought that was a question you dont ask??

2 Answers
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