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What skills do I possess that make me a must have asset for a company such as them?

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The skills I possess is that I am assertive, productive, I can work on teams or individual. I am able to adapt in different environments. Able to take on more than one task. Knowledgeable in various computer applications. Good written communication skills. Detailed and can listen to others. Get the point.

If you had to deal with opposing demands from several different internal customers, how would you handle it?

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Please describe the P2P process as you understand it and how you would go about resolving issues that may occur. Please describe how you work with cross functional teams to support the business stake holders.

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Explain active listening?

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Questions asked were: - Give a specific example of a project that failed and how you handled it. - Provide an example of an ethical conflict.

How have I handled change in management?

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Case study format dealing with supply chain topics.

Why do you want to work for the company. Describe an event you achieved success. Describe an event you experienced conflict

If you could be an office supply, which office supply would you be?

What are your past experiences and how would they translate to our company?

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