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Are you a team player? How you coordinate your relationship or develop your leadership skills with your team members?

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Very typical behavioral interview style questions.

There were no questions, but instead, I was asked if I would like to work on something other than what I had been working on in the past, i.e. work on supply/logistics versus operations.

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This is not one of their questions but just advice - At this level you should know what they will ask. If you are going to take the job, be mindful of quick changes. I had this job for 6 months before they just said, no you are not needed anymore. I would not go here again - only if needing money quickly. Take the job, but keep searching is my advice. Director of Supply Chain.

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After one of the interruptions, the interviewer asked what I would do to resolve that particular problem. It was very hard because the right answer was to stop treating the symptoms and go after the cause, but the interviewer was at least part of the cause, so that wouldn't have been a well-received answer...

Why did I want to serve.

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