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Level II Support Engineer was asked...November 15, 2012

"What is it, exactly, that you do every day?"

2 Answers


I had no answer. I stuttered, "Well, in support, you don't really have to go looking for things to do..." Less

Kotori Technologies

Most were how you would handle different troubleshooting situations, very general, open ended and the cultural questions were the usual "Strength and Weaknesses' BS.

2 Answers

If the recruiter calls about this company, it's because he can't find anyone they like. Here's a hint, if you are older and ex-military they will dislike you. Extremely Anti-Veteran Less

This is a strange response, in that I am a service disabled veteran, and we prefer veterans and even give Veterans Day off company-wide.... Less


What causes a machine to receive a 169.x.x.x IP address?

2 Answers

APAPI - Due to DHCP server being unavailable

It is Apipa, when there is no IP address, may be due to cable, port or whatever, and we force for an IP address, Apipa comes up. and also it is computer generated. not dhcp. Less


"What does APD mean?" Something about, "Name an interface that allows for applications to communicate with web based content or software"... the answer is API, but the question is more strangely worded.

2 Answers

All Path Down

All path dead

Tech Talenta

How would you troubleshoot .msi files in relation to Visual Studio?

1 Answers

I explained I would troubleshoot the log files primarily, and check the registry. Less


OSI layer troubleshooting

1 Answers

I answered this question by going through the first 3 layers of the OSI layer.


Why do you want to work at our company?

1 Answers

Because I want to improve my knowledge and skills by working in a reputed company like your's and I want to build my career's also. Less


Describe the process in as much detail as possible, the steps that occur when you load a web page i your browser

1 Answers

This question requires one to know the details of what happens at each layer in the OSI stack. Less


OSI model, Linux Operating system

1 Answers

I answered all questions and even got selected. After multiple email follow-up and calls HR told me that position does not exist & I applied for position which will come in near future. Working in IT industry for last 7.5 years I worked with premium organizations like Juniper, Dell and Orange, this was the first instance I met. I will surely cascade my experience and feedback to my peers and few Senior folks from F5 who suggested me to apply for F5 as it is very good organization. But now i surely doubt it. Less


You've replaced the firewall in your network. Before replacing the firewall you double-checked all configurations against the existing firewall to ensure they match exactly. However, when you perform the replacement no traffic is able to get out to the internet. What would/could be the issue on your network?

1 Answers

In the scenario given, the firewall was static in the switches and routers and the MAC address needed an update on these pieces of equipment. Less

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