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I did not encounter any difficult or unexpected questions, the interview process was fantastic.

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I answered them all.

No questions only they needed someone to file because it was lot of filing to be done

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How would I feel working in an environment that is mostly males?

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This position requires you to handle multiple tasks/projects at one time. Tell us what criteria you use to prioritize tasks/projects. Why?

Northing specific. The whole conversation he was just explaining the role and never spent time to understand my background

What would your references say about you? What would they say is your greatest strength? And what would they say is your weakness?

Basic questions e.g. What have you done previously, what is your background in working with others, have you lead teams, what is your experience in heavy industry, etc. The overall interview as fairly straight forward, although the job description and interview questions did not match what I ended up being hired for.

Solve the problem: A park ranger is on an island that will be submerged by flood waters due to the approaching storm. On the island with the ranger are three items: a bushel of lettuce, a goat, and a wolf. The ranger has one boat large enough to hold the ranger and one of the three items to make the trip from the island to the mainland. The problem is, if left alone on either the island or the mainland, the goat would eat the lettuce, and the wolf would eat the goat. How can the ranger get all three items off of the island and onto the mainland intact, or is this task impossible and if so what item(s) should be saved? Explain in detail how you came to your decision.

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