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How would you find the processes running on a machine and put them in a text file for further review/documentation?

3 Answers

Any answer will do - at this point you should have a computer in front of you and you can use the resources of the internet to get your answer.

get-process > process.txt

Or in Windows: tasklist > taskdump.txt

What is the IP address range and what are those IP addresses if your IP address is (some IP address)?

Diagram a network from start to finish, showing domain controllers and the associated requirements for those controllers.

Not so much a question, but I certainly wasn't quite prepared. Bruce said, "draw a network."

1 Answer

What are the different web domains zones and what do they do?

1 Answer

What are some of your most popularly used terminal commands?

1 Answer

What's your favorite joke?

1 Answer

How would you connect to windows terminal server and check which user is using what processes?

The questions were mostly about basic statistics, optimization and previous job experience.

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