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Kaiser Permanente
Medical Transcription and Laboratory Technician III was asked...August 5, 2012

You arrive to work at the start of your shift and notice work area has bodily fluids and small amounts of blood splatter; what do you do first?

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Inform your supervisor. Determine extent of body fluid contamination of work area. Determine proper chemical cleaning supplies necessary to correct contamination hazard. Use PPE (personal protection equipment) as appropriate to situation before you being clean-up of contaminated work space/bench. Less

Navy Federal Credit Union

Only one off the wall question: "What is your favorite FASB pronouncement and why?" I wasn't prepared for this one, but it didn't seem to have a negative impact on my interview.

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Know the list of FASB pronouncements and be able to briefly explain why you like one to prove your knowledge (like Disclosure of Foreign Currency Translation Information or Accounting for Contingencies) Less

Kaiser Permanente

Give me one example from your past employment history where unusual events created interpersonal conflict and/or impaired customer service (i.e. patient and/or physician), including how you solved these multiple problems, and what was the final outcome.

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i believe that there's no such conflict things that will occur if you passions on what you are doing. As a proactive person you can instantly think of best solution. Less

Once I was doing procedure ( Echo study of adult very obese patient ) but the resolution was too bad. We solved the problem by changing high frequency transducer to low frequency transducer. Less

i believe that there's no such conflict things that will occur if you passions on what you are doing. As a proactive person you can instantly think of best solution. Less

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Arizona State Schools for the Deaf and Blind

How many years in maintenance field do you have?

2 Answers

I have 20 years experience in maintenance field.

40 years

Kaiser Permanente

Patient bodily fluid/blood specimen is received without legible identification; what do you do next?

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Reject specimen and request redraw. You can not allow a nurse or phlebotomist to "assume" they "know" who the specimen belongs to. The Specimen MUST be labeled, with a viable, readable label at the patients bedside at the time of draw, and after having verified the patients identity using TWO identifiers that are corroborated on the label. Less

Call hospital personnel who collected sample and sent sample to laboratory. Request detailed correction of label. Determine if a new lab specimen from patient is required per lab protocol. Less

First Solar

What do you do in free times?

2 Answers

I use my free times for my family.

Do you love working on cars? Playing a pick-up game of soccer? Hiking in the neighboring mountains? Experimenting in the kitchen? Building rockets? Playing word games with your younger brother? Painting sunsets? Surfing? Less

Cactus Wellhead


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Gave all my experience

Valkyrie Enterprises, LLC

What is your biggest weakness

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My biggest weakness is I don’t necessarily know how to pace myself in terms of work and I can sometimes burn myself out. Less

Whate are your weaknesses?

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Talking to rude/beligerent customers on the phone.


The system (P.C.) under test configuration was laid out powered up upon a lab bench with Memtest 86+ running actively, the question asked " This system has a failure, you must find the failure you have 15 minutes". Note:the memory failure that is happening each time in different bank and /rank when the failures happen. Memtest 86+ is running with faults actively on test 1, faulting.

1 Answers

After I performed basic triage I surmised the failing issue as the Power Supply. I hypothesized that the 3.3v and 5.0v rails were in the process of failing due to bad capacitor(s), and or Inductors in the system Power supply based on the following observations. A) The keyboard (passive device) plugged into the system showed blinking led lights with what seemed to be erratic blinking during the memory faults observed earlier. the keyboard repeatable tried and faulted the confirming handshake signal coming from the USB controller which signals on the 5v rail, which inducts from the power supply. B) I was allowed to test memory with adjacent system to the test system. After a brief triage on the single duel inline memory module. I concluded that the memory was not at fault. Memory passed. Power supply from adjacent system corrected all faults in system when connected to Test P.C. Less

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