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Surgical Sales Representative was asked...October 22, 2014

the Sales Training Team has an incentive to have a 10% rejection rate of each class that comes thru. in this way, they can show that they have a very effective program.

1 Answers

however, the way that this is implemented is that the trainers choose 10% of the people that they don't like and make it insurmountable for them to get thru, to the point where multiple trainers will even publicly gang-up on a particular candidate that they had obviously targeted to ensure that they fail. Less


Define Professionalism.

1 Answers

It was a question I wasn't expecting and it just took me a little more time to think through it. Less

Integra LifeSciences

Are you motivated by success or fear of failure?


Have you ever been described as pushy? Describe a time when you were pushy.


Describe your relationship with local specialists?

Supreme Orthopedic Systems

STAR format questions, walk me through your resume and your experience. The sales manager told me he had a lot of difficult questions he could have grilled me with but chose not to. For example: if I were to call your sales manager right now what would he say your three biggest weaknesses would be?

Olympus Corporation of the Americas

Explain how your current position is relevant to the position you are applying for.


The first thing they asked me was “tell me what you know about stryker”


Tell me about how you dealt with the conflict with a coworker. Tons of situational questions so be ready to have lots of examples from your current and previous employment


What is your biggest accomplishment in your career and in college?

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