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Surgical Technician was asked...March 29, 2015

What type of cases have I done in the past.

1 Answers

I have been in different cases so I explained the type of cases I scrubbed in and actually done. Less

Kinross Gold

Describe your self. Why do you leave your work job for this job.

1 Answers

1. A positive, self-confident and results-oriented Surveying and Mapping with a successful background in the execution of successful operation strategies. Possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills, and enjoys being part of a team, thriving in highly pressurised and challenging working environments to achieve greater results. 2. To enhance more knowledge and skills in an advance company like yours. Less

Pittsburgh Oral Surgery

Have you ever had to work with difficult people that you couldn't get to calm down? How did you deal with that experience?

1 Answers

I simply keep a smile on my face and maintain a pleasant demeanor at all times. Confrontation doesn't have to be taken personally. You never know what is going on in that person's life and they have the right to be rude and irritated if they like. I ignore the personal feelings of unpleasantness and carry on with the day. No harm done. Less

Sightpath Medical

no difficult questions

1 Answers

area expected to cover was much more after being hired.

NCH Healthcare

How do you handle stressful situations with a surgeon?

1 Answers

Be calm, always remember to be respectful and also not every day is a bad day.

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

Please tell me about yourself?

1 Answers

I believe in team work.


Why I'm leaving my current job

1 Answers

My current job is being sold transfer of ownership. Long commute

ForTec Medical

What does LASER stand for?

1 Answers

Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation

First National Bank of Omaha

How much I would want to get paid

1 Answers

Market value price


Have you ever smoke marijuana on the job?

1 Answers

Yes, but after hours.

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