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Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health
Surgical Tech was asked...June 19, 2015

She asked how I dealt with people from other cultures or who shared different values/views than I did.

1 Answers

When I was a student in Nursing School, there was a homeless man who was coming down from his high and very agitated. Our instructor asked me to give him a bath. He was disgustingly dirty, mean, and I did not want to do this. I ended up cleaning him with a a bed bath. It took me almost three hours, all the while he cursed at me, screamed I was hurting him and called me names. When I got to his upper thigh, I saw a tattoo of a swastika the size of his leg. I was frozen. I closed my eyes for a second to regroup. This man was homeless, a drug addict, ignorant, and had nothing in this world. He needed ME to care for him. It was a profound learning experience for me. I knew he needed to be cared for and I was the one to do it. Less

Rady Children's Hospital

Please give a description of an abdominal appendectomy

1 Answers

I described the procedure from start to finish, including suture and potential dressing that would be used. Less

RWJBarnabas Health

Can you handle difficult people?

2 Answers


I've been working as a nurse at the beth for 1.5 year...we dint pay for the parking garage where all the employee park...also last August (2015)there was 2%rise for all the full time employees Less

LifeShare of Oklahoma

What do you think working extra to take care others?

2 Answers

Zero concerns about call

Do you have any concerns about taking 24hrs call?

Urology of Greater Atlanta

Tell me about yourself

1 Answers

I told them about myself and employee history

Mason General Hospital

most difficult one? " how do i confront a Dr. that treated me wrong during a surgery"

1 Answers

speak to them after the case in private

Duke Regional Hospital

How do you deal with employees or surgeons that are negative or difficult to work with? What would be your reaction if a medical emergency happened in the OR during surgery?

1 Answers

I would have to be calm and be very understanding. Able to listen and not argue with them Less

Florida Medical Clinic

Why do you want to work here?

1 Answers

I was up for a move and wanted to grow with the company caring for patients.


if I knew how to do lab drawn

1 Answers

I said NO, but I would and willing to learn.

Tulane Medical Center

What surgeries are you familiar with?

1 Answers

Ortho, neuro, general, vascular and so on

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