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Surveillance investigator Interview Questions


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Why should they hire me? What prior experience did I have? What did I know about the position? Was I willing to take cases over an hour away from my home? What my schedule availability was

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Since I had just left the military, all I wanted to do was work. And having worked in the field before the military, I knew the ins and outs of the job and was more than willing to accept all aspects of the job and then some. My ultimate goal was to work in SIU for a major insurance carrier however and I have since been afforded that opportunity but still work part time for ISG in which I plan to for years and years to come because I enjoy surveillance.

What do you think being a surveillance investigator is like?

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Why do you think you are the right person for the job?

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What have you heard about G4S?

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Do you mind putting all the miles on your own vehicle (50K miles a year)

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You will be greeted by someone at the door. Be observant of what they are wearing, be observant of any facial hair, eye color, clothing, etc. This material may be asked in the interview just to see how observational you may be.

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Are you okay with being in an uncomfortable position for long extended periods of time?

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