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Surveillance Investigator was asked...January 12, 2017

Why should they hire me? What prior experience did I have? What did I know about the position? Was I willing to take cases over an hour away from my home? What my schedule availability was

1 Answers

Since I had just left the military, all I wanted to do was work. And having worked in the field before the military, I knew the ins and outs of the job and was more than willing to accept all aspects of the job and then some. My ultimate goal was to work in SIU for a major insurance carrier however and I have since been afforded that opportunity but still work part time for ISG in which I plan to for years and years to come because I enjoy surveillance. Less

Veracity Research Company

Why do you think you are the right person for the job?

1 Answers

I know how to think outside the box and get results. I am use to adapting to my surroundings. If someone is committing insurance fraud, I will do everything in my legal power to obtain results for the client. Less

Merge Investigations

What do you bring to Investigations that other Investigators don’t? What makes you different from the rest?

1 Answers

I go above and beyond the expected efforts maintaining all moral, professional standards, and lawful above all. Meaning I will get out of my car, walk through forested areas, endure extreme weather, search beyond exhaustion… all, in order to bring lawful, reliable results. Less


What do you think being a surveillance investigator is like?

1 Answers

Investigation for insurance fraud or for personal purposes. Investigators must an adequate way of carrying out their required duties such as; maintaining a safe distance from the area of the suspect, retrieving more information on the client while they are away (looking at social media etc.) , and to have excellent note-taking skills in order to write reports on a case. Less


Explain a time when you had to act under pressure.

1 Answers

Gave real world experience that related.

Command Investigations

Work Experience, why you want to be a PI

1 Answers

I was a paralegal and that was my job research. Finding people and companies serving them summons. Less


What have you heard about G4S?

1 Answers

G4S is a great entry-level position for those for are just starting their career out and who need experience. Additionally, I have read that is a great company for criminal justice professionals. Less


Would you consider yourself an aggressive driver?

1 Answers

"I am when I need to be". Being an aggressive driver at times is dire in this role. Less

Allied Universal Compliance and Investigations

Do you mind putting all the miles on your own vehicle (50K miles a year)

1 Answers

Its the nature of the job.


You will be greeted by someone at the door. Be observant of what they are wearing, be observant of any facial hair, eye color, clothing, etc. This material may be asked in the interview just to see how observational you may be.

1 Answers

I was unprepared for the question, answered it to the best of my abilities, but I am not sure if I even was correct. Be engaging if anything, ask questions in the interview, make sure and do applicable research on the private industry and the company beforehand. Sell yourself as a focused, disciplined, and forward thinking professional. These are key attributes of an investigator, but also valuable assets to any growing company. Less

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