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500 questions long behavioral assessment

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They claim it helps to select best candidates. I doubt it. But then again I am not a psychologist.

Tell me a time when a co worker did something wrong or perhaps you did not get along with them and how did you handle / resolve it?

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Greatest challenges in your career and how did you tackle

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portlet lifecycle

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technical qns and was also asked abt how i implemented them, why, what...etc

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to tell the interviewer about what I've been doing lately.

memalign implementation

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During the initial phone discussion with the recruiter, I fielded questions like what my current role is with my company, why looking to leave, why FB ..

There were 3 45 minute interviews (1-2 people per interview from different departments) 1. Why BAE? What do you like about BAE? 2. Everything about RESUME & yourself. (Jobs at schools, previous intern, your courses, and what you liked and disliked). What have you done in a group or have you had any group projects and what did you do? Any problems and how did you solve? If programming languages listed, where did you use this, etc. Frameworks, "I see you have used Microsoft Visual Studio, are you familiar with debugging through it?" I see you used linux tell me about what type you used? Do you know commands in it or getting your way through it? Have you heard about commands grep or find? How do you usually debug program? Be yourself, this interview is not to trick you and rattle you through technical stuff. They understand that you have gone through these courses and that you have the ability to code or understand how to pick up new technologies and languages fast. They are trying to see if you fit the culture and if you can be a great team player! If you want, just be prepared with "technical questions" that other people posted on glassdoor if you really are scared. Like: 1) What is OOP? 2) What is polymorphism? 3) What is inheritance? 4) What are the 4 pillars of OOP? (Abstraction, Encapsulation, Polymorphism, Inheritance) One great thing about BAE as well is they get back to you whether you get accepted or rejected very fast! (3 days to 1 week)!

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