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What does our product do? How do you write documents

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Well, reviewing their web site was focused on their older product... very little info on their new product (have 510K clearance and 1 installed). They were critical I did not know how more details .... but where would I get that info? I showed them an old document and they were concerned that this was a trade secret... but a 510K document is in the public domain and viewable to those who search. Nothing secret about a V&V document.... just describes how the System works. I felt they interview team weak on documentation on how to do V&V actives .. and needed professional help. Very small company, 70+ persons and saw very negative reviews on Glass Door and a recently posted web site on the company long term viability is poor. Not sure I would have accepted the position.... people were very nice but not sure they might be around in 2019. Never showed me their Cancer Treatment system (most companies do show a potential a walk around) nor did they showed any documentation of what they expected. I think they really need a focused, V&V person to take over. Whole this was like in 6 days from 1st contact to "not a good fit" response. Quickest interview process I've had in 35 years!!!