Systems Administrator Interviews

Systems Administrator Interview Questions

Systems Administrator Interview Questions

When you interview for a systems administrator position, interviewers will likely ask you questions that allow them to learn how you multitask and deal with problems. Expect to give specific examples about how you dealt with certain situations, and highlight your communication, troubleshooting, and technical skills.

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Top Systems Administrator Interview Questions & How To Answer

Here are three top systems administrator interview questions and how to answer them:

Question #1: If your company's website is down, how do you resolve the issue?

How to answer: This open-ended question allows you to discuss your technical skills. Discuss how you identify the problem, troubleshoot the situation, and figure out why it happened. Your ability to stay calm and focused while you investigate the issue is also important.

Question #2: How do you prioritize your tasks?

How to answer: As a systems administrator, you're constantly monitoring the company's computer systems' performance and providing technical support to employees. Highlight your organizational skills and ability to multitask. Give specific examples of how different tasks require more attention than others.

Question #3: Talk about a time when you initially failed to solve a system issue.

How to answer: As a system administrator, it's vital to be able to overcome your inability to fix a problem and troubleshoot it. Focus on how you found a strategy that works instead of trying out different fixes until you solved the issue. Mention if the issue reached your professional limitations and you needed to use your communication skills to consult with others for assistance.

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Stevens Institute of Technology
Web Administrator was asked...September 30, 2015

How do you handle multiple projects at once?

3 Answers

I use a project management software to prioritize my work, so that way I can finish before the deadline without confusion or mix ups. Less

Simple by keeping mind calm

Another thing don't think it is multiple think it simple so you could achieve success quickly Less


A UNIX fie system has been reported at 100% full. You log in and clear what appears to be the offending file. However, the file system still reports to be 100% full. What could cause this?>

3 Answers

Use the lsof utilty (List Open Files) to identfy the process

Kill or restart the process which has been still looking for deleted file

In this case the answer accepted was. "The file that you cleared was still open by the calling application. The file handle was still in use and the file system was not recognizing that the space had been released. Less


If the customer was on the phone angry and pressuring to get the system back online but you didn't know what the issue was how would you deal with the situation

1 Answers

Try to keep the customer informed while solving the problem. Makey them feel their problem is the only issue your focused on. Show the customer sucess no matter how little to gain their confidence. Less


What did I know about Salesforce governance?

1 Answers

I have worked with hundreds of Salesforce customers around the world and have yet to hear about this specific app. Less

American Tire Distributors

Explain way to improve their current 15 hours database backup.

1 Answers

rman incremental backup


Would I give up my current permanent, long time job for a temp position?

8 Answers

Yes (and I did)



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Visions Personnel Services

tell me about your self

6 Answers

I basically told them about my background

Arshad Mehmood

I am from pakistan ,have valid passport also have heavy driving licence with 10 year experience Less

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Tata Steel

Nothing too difficult or unexpected, but there was also a written portion during the second interview where three interview questions needed to be answered.

5 Answers

can you please tell me tata steel 2016 recruitment process and procedure and please tell me how to crack the process Less

I am in love with the job does not love the company I work as worship

Yes if you need.

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W. L. Gore & Associates

The interview questions were pretty average. Each person had questions written down but they didn't seem to be form questions. Average interview questions. The questions were not very technical

5 Answers

Looking for full time employment

Want a change in my career

Live real close to the hospital

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what is third field in /etc/shadow file?

5 Answers

modified passwd date

It use for password user login

Aging policy

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