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Senior Field Systems Administrator (Level IV) was asked...March 1, 2018

What is your favorite super hero

1 Answers

whatever you want

American Airlines

What is a web garden?

1 Answers

A web garden is an application pool with multiple processes. Each process has its own thread and memory space. Less

Northrop Grumman

What command do you use to format a drive in Linux?

1 Answers

fdisk. I even provided an example with this, with /dev/sdb as a secondary drive (including format options) Less

UC Santa Cruz

There weren't really difficult or unexpected questions, which made the process odd. The questions are designed by committee, and there aren't a lot of hard hitters. Some "have you memorized commands" things, and on interviews involving coding issues, sometimes a chunk of code to interpret, but this shouldn't be difficult or unexpected for that type of job interview.

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Describe something that you've accomplished at your current job that you're proud of.

Turnberry Solutions

How many years of experience do you have?

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