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Systems Analyst II was asked...March 7, 2014

How would you respond to a customer who encountered a problem with a product or service.

1 Answers

First, try and reproduce the problem and if the problem could be reproduced acknowledge there was an issue, give thanks for bringing this to the company's attention, and apologize for the customer's encounter with the issue. Offer possible solutions or workarounds while the team worked to correct the issue. Less


Recruiters will prepare you with areas of questioning for the team you are interviewing for.

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No not really because they are not allowed to do so.

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Rackspace Technology

When does DNS use TCP instead of UDP

4 Answers

DNS use TCP for zone transfer.

Maximum UDP packet size is 512 bytes (or 4096, with the extension of DNS protocol). When the request is larger then a max. UDP size, DNS will switch to TCP. Less


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Rackspace Technology

User has lost root password, how do you reset?

4 Answers

Boot in single mode by typing E on the selected the kernel in grub then add S or single or 1 to the end of line eg. then B to boot the selected kernel. once in the single-user mode disable SElinux with below command eg: setenforce 0 now using passwd command "With SElinux Off as Selinux will not let you change it" eg: [root@centos images]# passwd Changing password for user root. New password: your-password BAD PASSWORD: it is based on a dictionary word BAD PASSWORD: is too simple Retype new password: your-password passwd: all authentication tokens updated successfully. Less

"init 1" doesn't always work, if you're not already root some systems will ask you for root password, and if you're not logged into the system ? What always works is to boot of a live CD, mount the file system with /etc, edit the /etc/passwd, /etc/shadow file. Less

Actually the easiest way to do this is to single the box in run-level 1 then use the standard passwd tools to update the hash. That's far simpler than using a live cd and editing the shadow file. This a network based kvm. is an operation that can be done at the DC or over ipmi or Less

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Rackspace Technology

A customer calls in saying that they're having problems sending email. They're using IIS SMTP and a web-based application to send the messages. What are 3 things which you would look for first, in the order you find most probable, in troubleshooting this issue?

2 Answers

1) SMTP Virtual Server configuration 2) DNS configuration 3) RBL/IP Blacklisting Less

PDC Emulator Allows Windows Server 2003 to act as the primary domain controller. Provides replication support for the backup domain controller. Assists with time and group policy synchronization. Infrastructure Master - (One per domain) Responsible for updating the group to user references whenever there are changes. Also receives new names. Relative ID Master - RID - (One per domain) Ensures that every object created has a unique ID number. Schema Master - (One per forest) Responsible for maintaining and modifying the AD schema. Domain Naming Master - (One per forest) Responsible for adding and deleting domains in a forest. Less

Serco Group

How would you handle a computer problem that you couldn't resolve?

3 Answers

I would use available tools: Internet, coworkers, software company. Whatever I need to do to get it resolved. Less

If I did not know how to solve the problem, first, I would contact the IT Department (Information Technologies). If there is not an actual IT Department, I would go to the person in charge and inquire as to how to find a solution to this problem after I have researched the internet (YouTube) to see if I could still resolve this issue myself. Less

Backup, reload.

Rackspace Technology

Define the difference between a hub and a switch

3 Answers

A hub works on the physical layer (layer 1) and doesn't separate collision or broadcast domains. A switch works on the data link layer (layer 2) and separates collision domains. This allows multiple devices to talk at full duplex using one switch. A router works on the network layer (layer 3) and separates both collision domains and broadcast domains. Less

A hub works on the physical layer, where as the switch works on the datalink layer . A Switch creates a broadcast domain for each port and allows for full duplex of data allowing you to TX and RX at the same time. A hub is a shared device, it will propagate broadcast traffic. Most are only half duplex . Less

Network topology. haven't used since collage. Googled and found hub propogates to many servers at once (Token Ring) and Switch uses propogation to different subnets. Less

Expedia Group

Do a play by play review on the whiteboard down to the specific details and steps taken to deploy a software package to a live web farm.

4 Answers

Answers will depend on the question and the follow up questions they ask,

askinga question is easy and answering this question is more tough (than to answer!) Less

askinga question is easy and answering this question is more tough (than to answer!) Less

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Know what the lsof command does.

2 Answers

list open files Regards, Manoj

List open files

Rackspace Technology

Provide the IP address of a host that's pinging you.

2 Answers

netstat installation didn't have ICMP support. Use tcpdump.


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