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Saudi Aramco
Business Systems Analyst IV was asked...November 19, 2016

About experience

1 Answers

Listed everything I worked on using the STAR format

Texas Attorney General

Talk about an situation where you lead a team through a project and what was the outcome.

1 Answers

Not really having worked on teams in my professional career, I had to reflect back to jobs that I held during college and projects in college. But I learned by now that you can make that stuff up. They don't check. If you envision the scenario and give a good response, that is how you would react in real life. That is pretty much what they want to relate to potential situations. Beyond that, all other questions were standard regarding my knowledge and work experience. Less


Do you believe you can handle living in Sidney, NE (a town of approximately 6,000 residents, in the Southwest part of NE, about 2 hrs from most large cities.); the basis of which is numerous candidates/employees that have accepted positions, only to bail within 2 years due to the lack of large-city amenities.

1 Answers

This was not an issue for me/my family.

Wells Fargo

Question on Business analysis, few technical question on sql/unix . You past project experience , etc. 5 strength/weakness.

1 Answers

I answered with my experience and knowledge


Where do you see yourself in 5 yrs?

1 Answers

Running my own dept and or managing one.

Saudi Aramco

If press with problem at home, what will you do at work?

1 Answers

Go home to resolve it and then return to work to be productive without being disturbed. Less

Fully Managed

What is your favorite super hero

1 Answers

whatever you want

Northrop Grumman

Explain how you innovate in your daily job

1 Answers

I spoke to three patents pending as the primary author over the course of two years with my current company Less

American Airlines

What is a web garden?

1 Answers

A web garden is an application pool with multiple processes. Each process has its own thread and memory space. Less

Newport News Shipbuilding

Asked about technical knowledge. Nothing about Industry, Best Practice, or Quality knowledge. Amateurish. Lack of knowledge of interviewer was astounding. I learned later that most every there has has worked there for decades, and have no experience outside company.

1 Answers

one of the worst interviews I have ever gone through.

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